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What is Numerology?
Numerology is mainly based on the 9 numbers; not on the nine planets as some of the people get confused. There are nine numbers, zero being not counted as a number though Zero exerts much power in association with any number.

The waves generated by the ethereal vibrations control the universe. Everything from light, sound, elements, electrons, etc is composed of waves and vibrations. When the vibrations are positve they generate benefic effect. If they are negative, they generate the malefic effect. If they are neutral, they may not interfere with each other.

The ethereal vibrations are of 9 types. They vary from time to time. The ethereal vibrations of the Astral Plane react with the vibrations and cause the Individual vibrations and cause certain mental and physical processes. The net result of the resultant vibrations of the ethereal vibrations pave the way for the Present and Future of an Individual. The trend of the vibrations is fixed. The resultant vibrations can be understood and read as Predictions. By studying the various combinations of Numbers in the date of birth in different circumstances, we can arrive at the nature of events that are taking place or going to take place in an Individual's life. This helps in taking preventive measures.

"Prevention is better than cure"
So, why don't you try to modify your Present and Future with the help of Numerology which is purely based on the ethereal vibrations of the Universe.

Right decision in a right time makes you more successful than others. People who always postpone the things with negative thinking can also try to get good results. Trust me.

"Optimism is the essence of Life".
Best of Luck!
Mrs.T.Pavani Devi shared her knowledge of Numerology and answered the callers from USA, UK, Australia & some other countries on 7th August 2014 from 5AM - 6AM in Telugu one online Radio programme "kaburlatho kasepu".
Dr. N.T.Rama Rao, former Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, releasing the book "Signature Foretells"
Dr. M. Chenna Reddy, former governor of Punjab & Ex Chief misister of Andhra Pradesh releasing the book "Gemstones for betterluck"
Prof. B.J.Rao & Smt. Akkamambika Devi with Sri. R.Venkata Raman, former President of India.
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