Date No+Month No+Year No=Destiny No
Ex: 29-10-1960
2+9+1+0+1+9+6+0= 28
2+8=10 = 1 (0 is to be ignored )

Destiny Number is ‘1’

It’s a positive year for everyone, especially for the women. Those who are working hard for success in their exams, competitive exams, Entrance tests for reputed colleges/universities wil fulfill their desires.Especially, in Civil service exams, Defense exams, Law Entrance Test, B.ED and Entrance tests for Government jobs. Eligible students will get placements in their dream companies. Employees in all sectors can expect promotions, hike in salary, bonus, etc benefits in their respective jobs. Especially in the Banking sector, Software sector, Accounts &Auditing, R&B, Revenue, Police, Mining, etc.

Those who are waiting for the change of place or job or onsite offer can expect positive results. Government sector employees can expect transfers or deputations or foreign tours this year. This year brings fortune to the business men & women. Especially for those who are dealing with Academic Institutions, Priting, Real Estate, Stock Exchange, Foreign Trade, Finance, Government contracts, etc.

This is a favorable year for buying or selling of Immovable property. Those who are planning for a new house/ Land can expect favors from Builder/Land owner, Banks and concerned Government Departments. Try to fulfill the dream of starting a new business or expanding the existing business with the help of reliable business partners. I Long pending court affairs will be settled by this Year end. Leadership qualities and loyalty of the politicians will be appreciated by the public. Doctors, Judges, Lawyers, Administrators and whoever deals with general public will get recognition for their sincere services.

Unemployed men & women will get employment. Unmarried will get engaged or married in February/April/June/August if they try seriously. This Year fulfills the dreams of NRI s too. They can expect desired visas, work permit, green cards, citizenship, etc

Precautions during these months of Year 2020: March, May, July, October and December.

  1. Avoiding arguments or outings with friends would help you to sustain peace and health.
  2. Women should take care of their relationship with the near & dear, Superiors at work place, personal safety and valuable items.
  3. Try to avoid eating junk food or spicy food or restaurant food.

Date No+Month No+Year No = Destiny Number( make it a single digit number)
Ex:. 20-4-2003
2+0+4+2+0+0+3 = 11
1+1 = 2

Your Destiny Number is ‘2’

If any number ends with ‘0’ after calculating your date of birth, then ‘0’ should be ignored.

Ex: If the total is 40, then Your Destiny Number is ‘4’

How is this Year for Destiny No. 2 ?

This Year promises you good luck. Mainly it’s favorable for emotional life. Unmarried will get married to the guys/girls of their choice. Whether it love or arranged marriage, emotional happiness is assured. Married men& women will enjoy domestic happiness. It’s a good year for planning a kid. Those who are blessed with kids will enjoy happiness through them. Deserving students will get admission in their dream colleges/Universities and interesting course of study. Those who are doing Medicine, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Fashion Technology, Hotel management, Journalism, Film Institutes, Marine technology, Defense, Software engineering and Graphic design courses can expect placements, scholarships, internships, etc

Unemployed youth can expect employment this year. Government employees might get desired recognition and awards for their sincerity. Employees of all sectors can expect positive changes in their career and financial benefits like hike in the salary, bonus, etc.

This is a profitable year for the Business men especially those who are dealing with the business of sea foods, leather goods, woollen clothes, cotton & Jute, Petrol & Diesel, perfumes, medicines, surgicals, seeds, cereals& millets, rice, dairy products, pet animals, plants, vegetables and fruits. Farmers can expect desired returns for their crops.

Sportsmen & women will have the chances of winning the prestagious medals. Especially in swiming, archery, shuttle badminton and cricket. Film directors, Photograhers, actors, journalists and writers will enjoy recognition and awards for their talent and sincere work. Those who are in the field of politics will be appreciated by the people and their leaders. Chances of getting power is also possible in this year. Good period for those who are looking for onsite offers, Work permits and greencards, etc

Official as well as business tours might prove beneficial in this year. Chronic health patients will get relief this year.

Precautions :

  1. Try to avoid tours and travelling long distances
  2. Beware of health issues related to eyes, lungs, heart, kidneys, skin and abdomen region.
  3. women should take care in all aspects of life, especially about health and kids. During the months of March, July and December.

Date No+Month No+Year No= Destiny Number
Ex. 3-12-2004
3+1+2+2+0+0+4 = 12
1+2 = 3. Your Destiny Number is 3
Note:. If any number ends with 10,20,30 and so on, Consider the first number as your Destiny Number by
Ignoring 0. Ie, 10 as No.1, & 20 as No.2

Your Destiny Number is ‘3’

Destiny No 3 people are bestowed with self-confidence and self-discipline. So, they are capable of handling tough situations with challenging spirit. This is an average period for emotional and financial aspects of life. “No profit,..No loss “

Their self- confidence might be misunderstood as arrogance by others, including near & dear! Try to convey your thoughts in a convincing manner for maintaining good relations with everyone. Students should work hard for achieving their goals. Especially those who are preparing for Civil service exam, Medical and Law entrance exams. Those who are planning to study in abroad or for higher education should put more efforts for getting admission in the reputed colleges/Universities.

Employees in all sectors, especially central government employees should work sincerely and obediently for getting recognition and rewards in their respective work places. Business men should think twice before investing in new business or business expansion, especially in the Northern and Southern parts of their respective areas. Business dealing with Import & export business should take good care of quality of products and business contracts.

Government officials, Media Personnel, Poitical leaders, Journalists, doctors, judges, lawyers,business men ,etc who deal with the general public should be more patient and tactful. It’s not a favorable year for love related matters. Do not get influenced by others. “Prevention is better than cure”.

Try to avoid discussions with your friends and relatives. Beware of legal issues. Be careful with deceptive people , especially while travelling in public transport. Keep your valuable items and documents safely. Take care of health related to spine, brain, nerves, bones, teeth, skin and abdomen region. Slight emotional disturbance in February or August. Try to avoid long distance travels in August.

Date No+Month No+Year No = Destiny Number
Ex: 6-5-1991
6+5+1+9+9+1 = 31
3+1=4. Your Destiny Number is 4

Your Destiny Number is ‘4’

This Year is very good in all aspects. ” You reap what you sow” Students will enjoy the fruits of their intelligence and hard work. This is the right time to achieve success in exams, competitive exams, Higher studies, Management studies, Chartered Accountancy exam, etc Chances of getting scholarships, internships, campus placements,etc.

Those who would like to do MBA in reputed Universities might get sponsorship through the existing company. Try to grab every opportunity that comes on your way! There is a great opportunity for desrving candidates getting into MNCs and prestigious organizations in their respective countries and abroad Employees of all sectors can expect positive results in their career. Can expect financial growth and friendly work environment.

Favorable period for starting the new business or expanding the existing business with the help of friends or partners. Marriage or auspicious events will take place at your home. Those who are planning for a kid will be blessed with a child. Those who have kids, Will enjoy the success of their kids.

Good period for buying or selling of immovable properties and vehicles. Lucky year for contractors, Realtors, Stock market, Gold Jewellery business, Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Financiers, Mining business, farmers, etc Success in court affairs related to property disputes. Sports men will achieve their goals and win medals for their states. Take care of health in May and July. Try to avoid outside food and drinks which effects the intestine, pancreas and liver. This year brings happiness to those who are looking forward for the work permit, green card, PR, etc.

This is a neutral month for Destiny No.5 people. Do not let your confidence and courage let down in challenging situations.

This is the Year to realize “Patience pays”

Students : Prove your own intelligence and hard work for succeeding in your exams. Try to avoid combined studies with your friends. Those who are appearing for competitive exams should put more efforts to succeed in their attempts.

Career : Those who are sincere and punctual at work place will get the promotions, hikes in the salary, attractive bonus, etc benefits. “Haste makes waste”. Be cool and polite with your superiors for enjoying peace and harmony. Do not comment about your superiors in front of your colleagues who might carry those comments to your Boss which might create disturbance in your career, especially those who are in Journalism, electronic media, Multinational companies,Central government, Medical & Health, Auditing, Banking,Sales & Marketing

Health : Do not neglect your health, especially those who are suffering with chronic diseases and liver or intestine or genital organs related health problems. Regular health checkups and medication will do! Try to avoid food that effect your intestine, liver and gastric region.

Love life : Love is the important source of happy relationship. Let your lover or life-partner feel your love from the bottom of the heart. Anger and harsh words would damage the relationship. Be cool and caring with your near & dear ones’ and enjoy the success in your love life.

Business : Think twice before investing in a new business or expanding your business,especially with the friends and siblings. Those who are already in the Partnership business should take care of their relationship with their partners. Dynamism and daring is required in the business field; but patience also plays a vital role in business success!

Those who are dealing business contracts with Government, especially with the central government should have patience. Partnership business in the field of Real Estate, Cement factory, Gold&Silver, Textiles, Hotels, Hospitals, Import & Business of medicines, surgical goods, electronic gadgets should be careful with government related issues.

Women : Be alert and smart in day to day life. Avoid arguments with your beloved ones’ and friends. Try to avoid outings and over interaction with the men. Concentrate more on personal safety and peace. Distant yourself from love matters and deceptive proposals. Have patience with your family members, especially with kids. Expectations hurt!

In general : Do your best for successful life, especially in the field of Politics, Sports, Film industry, Journalism, Media, Defense Services, Police Dept, etc should be more alert in their respective fields. Take care of your personal safety.

Those who are planning for pilgrimages, travelling abroad and road travels should take proper precautions in all aspects. Those who are expecting justice in the court should try to produce genuine and proper evidences for getting success in the court affairs. Those who are planning to buy or sell movable or immovable property should think twice before the transactions. Those who are expecting suitable jobs or visas should have patience for successful life ahead.

Remedies : Avoid money transactions, unnecessary travels with friends, disputes with dear ones’, aggressive nature at work place &in Public places in April, June and September.

This year proves to be the best for who believes in “Knowledge is power”.

This is a good year in all aspects of life.

Students : You will get the expected results in your exams. Those who are appearing for the competitive exams, entrance tests for foreign education and higher education can expect positive results. Try to fulfill your dreams of entering the prestigious schools/colleges/universities and into your interested course of study.

Career : Good year for the unemployed youth.

This is an average year in all aspects of life. “Be yourself” and do not try to follow misguiding friends and relatives,as well!

Students : Work hard and rely on your own intelligence for the success in the exams, competitive exams and entrance tests for higher education and foreign studies. What you sow is what you reap! Be attentive and alert while writing the exams.

Career : Put a little more effort for getting results in favor of you at work place. Unemployed should work hard and exhibit smartness in the job interviews for a good break. Contract employees should work hard to retain their position. Government and Private employees will enjoy hike in the salary or bonus or arrears.

Business : Think twice before starting a new business or expanding their existing business. Those who are in the Partnership business should be careful with their business partners. Rule out the chances of separation by having a fair& clear discussions with your partners. Beware of Government policies or legal issues if you are dealing with Real Estate, Import & Export business Gold, Metals, precious stones, wood, leather, seeds, petroleum products, etc

Love Life : Take utmost care in maintaining good relations with your near & dear. Health of your dear ones’ might disturb your peace of mind. Observe the attitude and activities of your kids. Try to tackle tough situations with love and patience.

Health : Beware of fire electric shock and skin related health issues. Try to avoid spicy food or food which effects the teeth, mouth, gums, abdomen region, lungs and heart. Yoga, meditation,etc would control your stress related health problems.

Women : Take care of your relationship with your beloved and superiors at work place. Keep yourself away from the love matters and deceptive men. Prioritize your priorities. Give priority to your family and kids’ career. Avoid outings, get together and tours with friends, if possible. Be alert near the fire or using electrical objects. Try to control your unnecessary expenditures.

IN General : Those who are planning to travel abroad should submit proper documents for getting their Passports and Visas. Your dream of acquiring an immovable property might get a bit delayed due to insufficient amount or legal issues or Bank loan process. Do not get trapped in legal issues for the sake of helping your friends. Be wise while taking decisions about your kids’ career, educational loans and expenditure. Avoid rash driving and late night travelling. Try to postpone buying and selling of vehicles.

This year is going to fulfill your long awaiting wishes. “Make hay while Sun shines”

Students : Deserving students will get an opportunity to grab their interesting courses in their dream colleges/Universities in their respective countries and foreign countries. Students will excel in their Board exams if they concentrate more on studies than extra curricular activities. Those who are appearing for the competitive exams and Entrance tests of Government jobs will enjoy positive results. The students of Medical/ Veterinary/Agriculture/Pharma college and Aeronautical/ Automobile/Computer Engineering, Space Technology/ Environmental Science might get awards for their projects and Research papers and also chances of getting placed in reputed organizations through Campus placements.

Careeer : This year brings positive changes and chances in the life of employees working in all the sectors. State government employees and Defense Personnel will get recognition and awards for their sincere work in their respective departments. Central government employees will be deputed to the places and and placed in positions where they could prove themselves the best. Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Media Personnel, Journalists will enjoy successful career.

Business : This Year brings good fortune to business men, especially those who are doing partnership business with their family members. If you have plans of starting up a new company or expansion of the existing business, this year is good for it. This year proves a profitable one for those businessmen dealing with rice, cereals, pulses, fertilizers, pesticides,coconuts, fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, pet animals, cotton fabrics, jute products, Air conditioners/coolers/fans, food courts, restaurants, gaming zones, import & export business of fruits, flowers and leather, etc

Love Life : Good period for the unmarried and married men and women. success in love. Happiness through life-mate and family members. Happy event takes place at your home. Those who are planning for kids will have a kid. Those who have kids will enjoy the success of their kids.

Health : Chronic patients will get relief. You can avoid major health issues and surgeries by following the advice of doctors, medication and proper rest. Beware of air borne diseases and abdomen related health problems. Try to avoid eating /drinking extremely cold and hot food/drinks. Try to avoid going out in the hot windy weather.

Women : Will have the support from the family in all aspects of life. Will get good recognition in the career and business. Mutual transfer or transfer to your home town can be expected. Try to balance both career and family life for a peaceful life, especially in May and July. Be friendly with the kids and ensure comfort zone with you.

In General : This year is good for buying or selling of immovable and movable properties. Those who are expecting an onsite offer or travelling abroad or a business tour can expect positive results. Chances of getting a work permit visa or green card or permanent residency. Can expect success in court affairs. Sportsmen & women might get prestigious awards for their respective states and countries. Those who are in politics, film industry, media, Police Dept will impress the people with their sincere service for the welfare of the society.

This year brings you unexpected fortune in your life.

Try to grab each and every opportunity that comes on your way by your intelligence.

Students : This year proves you as an intellectual giant if you do anything wholeheartedly. Intelligence and Hard work work well in the exams. Those who are appearing for competitive exams, entrance tests of Reputed colleges and Universities can expect positive results. Chances of getting scholarship, internships and campus placements. Research scholars will get appreciation for their Research papers and will be placed in good organizations.

Career : Unemployed youth will get employment. Employees will get the desired position in their organizations for their hard work and intelligence,as well! Central government employees might get promotions, transfers or deputations, arrears and hike in their salaries. Doctors might get good offers from foreign countries or out of their states. Lawyers who are expecting to become judges might get the opportunity this year. Judges who are aspiring for the higher position will get it if they try hard by proving themselves as the deserving candidate. Those who are working in the scientific organizations and Multi National companies have the chances of onsite offers and promotions.

Business : Good year for the Intelligent and smart business men & women. Those who depend on their partners will have to check the business prospects time to time. Those who are doing business independently will flourish well with their own efforts. Those who have the business of hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, diagnostic centers, medical colleges, Pharmaceutical companies, Gas stations, chemicals, etc will enjoy profits.

Love Life : Have patience and diplomacy for maintaining good relationship with your near & dear ones’. Try to avoid arguments with life-mate and family members. Handle the situations intelligently. Loving and caring person like you deserve happiness and peace at home. You can make it by adding a small dose of intelligence along with love! If you are planning for kids, you will have a kid this year if you plan well.

Health : Chronic patients will get relief this year. There are very less chances of major ill health and surgery. Prevention is better than cure. Eat good food and sleep well during night. Beware of air borne diseases, ill health related to eyes, nerves, ENT, kidneys, liver and skin.

Women  :  will enjoy successful career and financial gains. Be careful with the women at home and work place. Wisdom speaks loud in silence! Destiny No.9 people are born Wise. Realize the inner strength of yours which makes wonders in your life.

In General : This is a good year for buying or selling of movable and immovable properties. Success in court affairs. Enjoys the support from the family and friends. Those who are waiting for the work permit visas, green card, permanent residency, onsite offers can expect positive results. Those who are in the field of Politics, Sports, Film industry, Media, Journalism, teaching, farming will enjoy success and recognition in the society.

If everything takes place according to Karma and the working of the Fate cannot be altered, then why all these human efforts ? Why hospitals and doctors? We are not all together tools in the hands of fate. A healthy diet, healthy habits and a positive mind keep us in good health.
Even after following these precautions of health, if you fall sick …then it is the right time to consult an occultist! Of course, you should continue your human efforts by consulting a doctor too.

These divine sciences will help you to find solution from the positive energy prevail in the Universe.

By knowing the future in advance, we can make every effort to avert dangers or to survive.

For example, When a flood warning is given much in advance can alert the people to vacate their place and move on to safer place for survival. Likewise by knowing the fate in advance, a person can be saved by his prayers, spiritual remedies, wearing of gems, etc.

The foretellers should inculcate optimism, courage and zeal for living; but should not lead a man to inaction or frighten him with negative predictions without showing him a simple & effective solution.
The child birth, diseases, accidents and death are the result of ethereal vibrations acing in the Universe on the individual vibrations of the persons.

Everything from light, sound, elements, electrons, etc are composed of waves and vibrations.

The numbers signify different organs of the body, different minerals or bio-chemic salts of the body and body elements in Medical Numerology. By the studying the various combinations of numbers in different circumstances, we can arrive at the nature of biological, physiological and biochemical events that are going to happen in an individual’s life.

By the application of Medical Numerology, we could foresee an oncoming sickness or accident! This helps in taking preventive measures and remedial measures.
This year..2014 may disturb your health, career, material gains and relationships. So, take care of yourself by avoiding such circumstances.

Beware of water born diseases, blood related diseases, fire & road accidents.

Human efforts: Keep yourself away from arguments with relatives, friends and superiors. Try to be alert while driving, swimming, cooking and also while using electrical appliances and acids, etc.
Spiritual remedies:

1. Chant “Om namah Sivaya” twice in a day.
2. Offer food or fruits to the poor on Saturdays.
3. keep a bowl of water on your dining table and add a red flower or A pinch of chandan in it.

May God bless you with good health, career, happiness & peace!
Predictions for Destiny No. 2, 4,6,7,8 & 9 for this year:

If you are born in the month of February or March or June or July or October or November &
If you are born on Monday or Wednesday or Friday or Saturday &

If you are born on these following dates:
2 or 4 or 6 or 7 or 11 or 16 or 20 or 22 or 27 or 29 &

If you are born in the following years:
1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1970, 1972, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2014.

Take care of your health related to nose, throat, teeth, skin, chest, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, gastric region, excretory organs, pancreas, nerve endings & hair
Destiny No.2 & 9 should be careful with water & its related activities. Beware of water bond diseases , throat, lungs liver, kidneys, & skin related health problems.

Destiny No.4 & 7 should be careful with fire & fire related activities. Keep away from active participation during Diwali celebrations! Safe driving is recommended. Beware of overheat related health problems . Take care of your health related to liver, gastric region, heart, teeth, excretory organs and uterus for women and Prostrate gland for men. Avoid spicy and junk food especially on Wednesday & Saturday.

Destiny No.6 should be careful with fire & air related activities. Beware of airborne diseases and over heat related health problems. Take care of your health related to gastric region, chest, heart, lungs, eyes, nerves and skin.

We know that the vibrations of the five elements in the universe react with the vibrations of the elements present in an individual person and hence creates either positive or negative influence in his/her life.

Every living being is a part & parcel of the universe and will be abide by the Law of the Nature. So, no one in this Universe can be exempted from the influence of the five elements and the impact of their vibrations. So, We can identify the vibrations of the other person by feeling them during first meet. If you closely observe yourself, you can easily find the reaction between the vibrations of five elements present in your body and the vibrations of the five elements present in the other person’s body. So, try to feel, analyze and then judge them before jumping into conclusions about the other person.

You are the creator of your own destiny! Yes, it is true if you know the art of balancing your emotions with the help of the vibrations of five elements in your body.

Some people get into troubles by falling in love with a wrong person or marrying a wrong person. Because, they strongly believe in “Love at first sight”, “Marriages are made in heaven”, etc

But, they should realize the truth that “All that glitters is not gold”!

First, check that whether it is gold or not! If it is gold, then check the purity of it! If it is pure gold, then learn to value it and use it in the best direction.

Attraction between two persons may be due to temporary reaction between the vibrations of the five elements. So, don’t take it for granted for falling in love or getting engaged. Most of the love disappointments, break in engagements and divorces are happening because of such temporary vibrations between a man & woman at that particular period of time.

Those who know Numerology can understand this “theory of vibrations” . My attempt is only to serve the people with my knowledge and experience being a Numerologist. Those who are single, can take the following points as guide lines, lovers can take care of their love and married one should try to balance their love life.

  1. If the Destiny number of yours and your loved ones’ are unfriendly numbers, then your love life will not be satisfactory. Destiny No.2,4,8 should avoid marrying Destiny No.3,7 & 9 if possible.
  2. If the numbers in your date of birth are associated with negative numbers, then your love life will not be satisfactory. Date: 20, 23, 27, 29, 30 are not good for the following Destiny Numbers No.2, 4, 6 & 8 Date: 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 are not good for the Destiny Number 3 & Destiny No. 7
  3. If the numbers in your Year of birth are associated with negative numbers, then your love life will not be satisfactory. Year: 1980, 1982. 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 for the Destiny Number 3, 5 and 7.
    Year: 1983, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2013 for Destiny Numbers 2, 4, 6 & 8.
    This is based on ” vibrational theory of numbers ” mentioned in the book “A treatise on Predictive Numerology” written by my father Late Prof.B.J.Rao. I am a sincere follower of his Numerology and allied subjects and also tasting the fruits of success by practical application since 1986.

Valentine’s day reminds everyone about ‘love’!

Being a Numerologist, I don’t intend to give a poetic expression to this word. Anyway, every individual will have his or her own perception and opinion about love and their partner.

On this occasion, I would like to publish an article dealing with ‘Numerology & love life’. It’s not about just between a man and woman, but also between parents & children, siblings, friends and also for all living beings.

“Love”..this word itself gives a positive vibration to us. Because this is the ‘energy’ that passes into each and every living being through the vibrations of the Universe.

In other words, the reaction between the vibrations of the five elements present in the living beings and the vibrations of the five elements present in the Universe play an important role in the emotional life of all living beings.

For example, attraction between a man & woman is purely based on the reaction between the vibrations of the five elements present in their bodies. If the vibration of the fire element catches the vibration of the air element of the opposite person, it may lead to an emotional bond. Because, the air supports the fire for spreading it to the different directions.

I am giving few examples to understand the influence of the numbers and their vibrations on emotional life.

How to derive your Destiny Number or Individual Number?

It’s so simple if you follow this example..

If the date of birth is 28-05-1985

Date No+Month No+Year No = Destiny No.

( 2+8 ) + 5 + (1+9+8+5)= No.2

Did you calculate your Destiny Number?

See the influence of numbers on your emotional life!

IF YOU DESTINY NUMBER IS 1 or No.2 or No.4 or No.5 or No.6 or No.8 with the following

Dates : 1, 2,4,5,6,8,10,11,15,18,22,24,26 & 28

Months: January, February, April, May, June, August, October and November.

Years :( Only for the Youth) 1981,1982,1984,1985,1986,1988,1991,1994 & 1999

A. Your love life is very smooth and harmonious.

B. Chances of love marriage or a marriage with a relative or a family friend is indicated.

C. You are capable of maintaining equilibrium between emotional as well as intellectual life.

D. You will maintain good relations with your spouse and with near & dear ones’.

E. You will attract others with your friendly nature.

IF YOUR DESTINY NUMBER IS 1 OR 3 OR 5 OR 7 with following

Dates : 1,3,5,7,10,12,14,19 & 30

Months: January, March, May, July, October & December

Years : 1980, 1981,1985,1989,1990,1992,1996

1. You will enjoy intellectual as well as material life.

2. You will have a smooth life and a loyal life-mate.

3. You are stubborn and bold enough to face any kind of situation. So, selection him/her is a good choice in case of love marriage.

4. You give importance to career and sometimes you may find difficulty in maintaining balance between personal and professional life.

5. You will not run away from the responsibilities and problems. He/She will take care of the parents, siblings, etc.

IF YOUR DESTINY NUMBER IS “9” with the following

Dates : 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,12,13,16,19,21,24,26,29,30&31

Months: January, March, April, June, July, September, October and December

Years : 1980,1981,1983,1984,1986,1987,1989,1990,1993,1996,1997 & 1999

1. You can win the hearts of others with diplomacy, intelligence, tactfulness, dynamism, soft speech generosity and helping nature.

2. You will enjoy emotional as well as intellectual life.

3. You are very adjustable and flexible. You will not have problems in the married life.

4. You know the priorities of your life and you work hard to achieve your goals.

5. You are contented and philosophical in nature.


It is the coward who says, “This is Fate”. But it is the stong man who stands up and says,

“I will make my fate”. True. If everything takes place according to our Past karma and the workings of the fate can not be altered, then why all the efforts? worry ourselves to death? why hospitals and doctors? why do anything at all? when Fate is pushing us in our life journey.

It is a defeatist attitude.

“If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions. So, we have know how to act”. By knowing the future in advance, we can make every effort to avert evil or atleast reduce the impact of the evil.

For example, when we are forewarned of a natural calamity, we move to the safer place atleast for the said period. The people who always doubt others or believers of Fate may suffer if the weather forecast comes true! My website is for those who are bold enough to know the results of their horoscope to make their own fate with the remedies, suggestions and predictions purely based on Predictive Numerology, Question Numerology and Medical Numerology. Inspite of the sincere efforts made by you, if anything happens against your wish, then it is considered “Struggle is the sign of Life”.

“Hold the ideal a thousand times and if you fail a thousand times, make the attempt once more” – Swami Vivekananda. This life is an opportunity to make yourself; not to break yourself with negative thinking!

There is no harm in approaching a Foreteller. But it is unwise to become weak and dance to their tunes! Know the future and try to modify it to the possible extent by using the power of wisdom. On the other hand, we should take the necessary advance preventive measure, when the prediction is received from a sincere and experienced Foreteller.

Even doctors try their best till the last, knowing well that the case is hopeless. Should we call their efforts fake and unscientific? They can not be blamed for the things beyond the Medical sciences. It is same in the case of Numerology. It offers maximum percentage of success and it is not harmful in anyway. Periodical medical check-ups and reports of the patient makes a doctor to diagnose the disease earlier before the patient falls sick. where as a correct data of the client and period wise predictions help him to enhance the good results much earlier and reduce the bad results before he faces it!