D. Nagarjuna

Before I put in a few words about Mrs. T. Pavani Devi, I must mention a little about her father Sri B. J. Rao, a well acclaimed astrologer both nationally and internationally. Sri B. J. Rao put in a great amount of research painstakingly and evolved into one of the most dependable astrologers. His predictions have quite often proved to be accurate and personally in my case he was 100% right with respect to my progeny.

His subsequent predictions with respect to other aspects like my career, visits abroad, children’s education and their future have also been proved over 70% correct. Mrs Pavani, being the youngest child of Sr B. J. Rao’s four children proved to be the chip of the old block and her father’s efforts of handing over the mantle of astrology, numerology, signature foretelling, spiritual remedies proved not only successful but also very useful for all those clients who were missing B. J. Rao who passed away in 2006. Many felt happy that Sri B. J. Rao’s legacy went into the right hands because his daughter Mrs. Pavani took keen interest and showed exemplary skills in mastering the intricate nature of this subject.

She gradually developed into one of the most accurate astrologers and I take this opportunity to congratulate her on launching a web site and serve those who depend on numerology for bettering their lives. I am sure those who consult her will be a happy lot and I wish her all the best in her endeavour.