Dhadigam sudhakar Sharma

I know Pavani Devi madam since 2009 through her community service and incidentally my aunts school friend Noble lady. I came across in my life, whom I treat & respect her as my mother . Her numerological forecasts are very accurate. after seeing my wifes palms(when she is pregnant in 2010)and as per my wifes date of birth details pavani madam told that I will be blessed with girl child,its true,we r blessed with girl child on sravana sukravaram,27/8/2010…chi.lakshmi manognya. for me and my family she guided me as mother to a son,with her astrological/numerological advice to move on in life with confidence,I performed all her remedy advices and got relief in all trouble some times…I always believe her advice and respect her as my mother