K G Shankar

Dear Chiranjeevi Sowbhagyavati Pavani

I knew your father late Sri B J Rao alias Swamy Ambika Jagadananda since 1990s. I initially started consulting him to clear my doubts in Astrology. He later introduced his brand of Numerology. His belief in Astrology is that there is no Ascendent. He always made predictions from MOON Sign as Ascendent. He did not believe in Divisional Charts and based his findings on Basic Rasi Chart only. His analysis of my chart and some of the persons known to me were amazingly accurate.

On the top of it, his Orbital theory in numerology is his own invention. Perhaps, he was the only numerologist who used periods to determine the time of fructification of the events. Luckily for the Numerological world, you were trained by your father and are able to continue his legacy. You may recall the successful predictions you made to me in Question Numerology.

I hope and trust that you would continue the Numerology predictions and bring out followers for the future generations.