Krishna Pingali

Five years back, as a 23 yrs old guy I was not much interested and connected with these predictions. But, one day I met Ms.Paavani gaaru through a friend and later came to know that she is a numerologist. After few days, though I’m not really interested, I was pushed by my friend to give my details to Paavani gaaru for a prediction on my job. Even at that time, I was very casual about these predictions and just thrown two questions about my career and marriage. It was in august, she said that I would be getting a job between Sep – Dec. Surprisingly, I got a job offer in November 2007 on which earlier I lost my hopes and planned to leave for Bangalore. Immediately I got same experience in another situation regarding which she warned me in advance in her prediction.

These examples made me to know the power of numerology and Ms. Paavani gaaru. And I’m very excited to have the guidelines from Ms. Paavani gaaru to plan my career and personal life. I took this opportunity to introduce my sisters and many of my friends to Paavani gaaru which helped for them as well.

I’m very happy today to know about this website which definitely makes many people to reach her easily and got benefited through numerology.