Sangeeta -Maricharla

Smt.Pavani has been a good friend and well wisher for our family for past few years.So it gives me great happiness to say a few words about her.People close to her already know that She is a daugther of very talented and respected parents.She has inherited their good nature and talent no doubt!

Coming to my case,I had a string of miscarriages and almost had lost hope. One fine day when God blessed me with another chance to have a baby, I approached Smt.Pavani.She has done a detailed study of my case and guided me on several issues which have given me the one result I was struggling for almost six years—my baby! She is one and half years now and when I look back at the last three years among all people who helped me through those tough times, I see , the Divine Guru,my husband ,my parents and just after them is Smt Pavani.

During our association ,I noticed that when she gives guidance it is purely from her heart and not with any expectations in return. She makes sure the core problem is addressed.To be guided by such a person with pure intentions ,is what is most important for any person who is seeking answers in their life.