Vipul & Priyanka

Hi Pinni,

“It has been a privilege to know Mrs Pavani Devi since 2 decades. Ever since I was in my teens I always had questionsto her about my career, marriage, life, happiness, travelling abroad, health. She always had answers to them with this science of “numerology”. Never knew that the numbers that you learnt in your kindergarden have such a magic that can predict your future till I met her. Predictions given by her have always been very accurate and they helped me and my family take better decisions.

There are so many examples in my case where the predictions came 100% true. The latest of her predictions was about my husbands travel abroad, not just that she also predicted that my travel will follow 3 months later and exactly that is how it happened.Thank you for being there. We love you.

Good luck to you and your family.”

I am so proud of u. Good luck once again!